Our Vision

Solve climate change by empowering concerned citizens to take smart action on impactful solutions — leaving the earth better than we found it.

Although most people want to make a difference on climate change, only a handful are actively involved. Climate Stewards Collective is out to change that. Our goal is to create a shared awareness of climate solutions and the actions each of us can take to make them a reality. We’re not talking about living off the grid or quitting your job to become a climate activist (although hats-off to those who are doing it). We’re talking targeted actions focused on the things that matter.

So take the first step to getting involved by joining our community.  You’ll learn about ways to make a difference and receive updates on our progress as we build out the capabilities of our organization. Additionally, tune into our podcast, Climate Optimists, as we explore climate solutions and reasons for hope.

A portrait of Jason Lewis, founder of Climate Stewards Collective

Who We Are

Jason’s passion for addressing climate change started with his summers helping his parents working on their family farm where he witnessed climate impacts first-hand.  Jason has worked across the energy sector from building wind farms to helping utilities run more efficiently. After experiencing the gridlock on climate action first-hand as a volunteer lobbyist, he decided to start Climate Stewards Collective. As a first step, he co-founded a podcast called Climate Optimists that focuses on climate solutions and how each of us can play a role  Jason lives in Portland Oregon with his girlfriend and is an avid kiteboarder and rock climber.

Our Podcast

While we’re working to launch our full organization, we wanted to start making an impact on climate change today. That’s why we started our podcast, Climate Optimists. So come along with us on our journey as we explore climate solutions and how together, we can make them a reality.

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Climate Change Optimists Podcast